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Software License Management

Our software auditors review the clients’ software and recommend licences and purchase taking into account clients’ preferences. We distribute a great variety of software products for over a 1000 customers - from small companies to large multinational enterprises. Ker-Soft represents several vendors – CA, VMware, Shavlik, Installshield, Compuware and other manufacturers.


Ker-Soft has been envolved in several system design and implementation projects. We perform the logical (system) design, and the physical infrastructure design and consolidation tasks for system upgrades.


Ker-Soft perform system management projects since 1995.

Our IT experts help finding the perfect solution to fit customers’ needs and current infrastructure, build the system, and support our clients. The brands we represent: CA Unicenter, Microsoft Systems Management Server, Microsoft Operation Manager, Betasystems.
Our major services: Service Desk, Desktop management, Server & Application Management, Identity & Access Management.


Our services include: analysis of legal and regulatory environment, solution for revealed problems, definition of tasks to be done, suggested hardware and software elements - all performed by qualified experts.


Scope of the services we provide: full scale operation services, hot line service, individual support - including proactive maintenance, incident management, daily operation tasks. Services can be followed in Ker-Soft Service Desk available to customers via internet. Our Service Desk works according to the ITIL standard. We provide SLAs to our customers. Our system operators use remote access, (RAS, VPN) in order to reach the quickest resolution time.


As a Microsoft Certified Partner we offer customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution to our clients. Ker-Soft has its own developed add-ons that may be built into the application.


Large quantities of different types of data on paper, form, invoice, electronic formats have to be handled systematically to minimize manual processing. Betasystem Enterprise Content Management offers industry-specific solutions providing secure and efficient document management for financial and insurance institutions, government organizations, industrial, commerce and service enterprises. Components: recognition, processing, preparation, distribution and archiving data. Special scanner/sorter equipments support these functions. Invoice processing can be integrated with ERP systems, such as SAP.


For solutions which cannot be implemented by standard software we develop custom applications. Examples: a logistic application for an Incinerator company, e-learning solution software for transport companies.

Ker-Soft carries out complete technical solutions, based on Windows applications. We step out of the scope of PC-s, and connect to special hardware (such as voting systems). As a major reference we have created a complete system for television games.


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Megjelent a Unity 2019.3
Megjelent a Unity - a világ egyik vezető videojáték-motorjának - újabb frissítése a 2019.3-as verzió.
Megjelent a JetBrains ReSharper C++ 2019.3-es verziója.
Megjelent a rengeteg C++ fejlesztő által kedvelt JetBrains ReSharper C++ 2019.3-es verziója.
IntellijIDEA, WebStorm és PHPStorm 2019.3
Megjelentek a WebStorm, a PhpStorm és az IntelliJ IDEA - a JetBrains fő platformjának, idei utolsó 2019.3-es verziói.
Megjelent az Embarcadero Rio 10.3.3
Megjelent a RAD Studio, a Delphi és a C++Builder 10.3 harmadik frissítése